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The relationship of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart was never hidden. For those who don’t know, Robert and Kristen met on the sets of the 2008 released film .

We heard a lot of people complaining about the sequels and reboots plaguing the big screen in 2017, but we saw a LOT of originality — some of which had people running screaming and LITERALLY passing out in the aisles!Yep, while superheroes ruled the box office, plenty of smaller films were pushing boundaries with violence, sex, and just plain weirdness.Even big stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Robert Pattinson had people talking with some seriously WTF scenes — and somehow became a huge point of contention last minute, too…Wondering what else was the most debated, decried, and dissected?CLICK HERE to view "Most Controversial Movie Scenes Of 2017!" CLICK HERE to view "Most Controversial Movie Scenes Of 2017!

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