Who is brandy dating now


Francis – who is friends with Ray J's sister Brandy – said she was staying at the Moesha star's house and saw Kardashian styling Ray J's clothes.

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magazine, which features photos of the proposal, in comments posted on Wednesday.Francis, however, refused to believe Ray and said, "She was not a player, she was crying her eyes out for you."To prove his point, the singer said, "You don't really know what happened though.We were both cheaters." Francis retorted, "I don't believe that about her.I think she really loved you very much."Ray J then explained to Francis that she did not know the whole story about his relationship with the now 36-year-old, while admitting that they loved each other.Kardashian sued over the video, which was titled Kim K Superstar, and reportedly received a multimillion-dollar settlement.Previously, a report claimed that Channel 5 was paying the 35-year-old singer a record-breaking Well, from our research, it looks he's still at least talking to the season 2 For the Love of Ray J winner Connie Deveaux.

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