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“Sheree and Bob have a lot of history together and they’ve decided to give it another try.

They’re working things out,” an insider tells All About the Tea.

“They’re not rushing, they want to see where things go.”When we first met Sheree during season one RHOA, she was already divorced from the Atlanta Falcons football player, but still trying to ascertain her seven-figure settlement check.

The two were married for seven years, and Bob appeared on the show from time to time, usually seen arguing with Sheree, leaving fans to wonder, will love be better the second time around?

During the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast-trip to Jamaica, Sheree invited Bob to be her guest — he was the fun guy in the Cynthia Bailey eyewear commercial – and Bob and Sheree were reportedly “smitten kittens” but said to be “taking it slow.”Last night on WWHL, Sheree confirmed to Andy Cohen they are still taking it slow.

“I wasn’t playing when I said Bob has to work for this.

, this coming Sunday’s episode is going to feature a very shocking- and dark- moment. I don’t do that.” When Sheree doesn’t respond, Kenya Moore, who is also in the car, says, “That’s not the look she just gave.” “Have I ever physically touched you?

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Frankly, this is definitely disconcerting as a viewer. “That’s not funny.” “I don’t remember choking her,” Bob says. Cause maybe I didn’t choke you hard enough.” Sheree then goes on in her confessional to note how there is a dark side to Bob.Love is something that remains despite the couple go their separate ways.Sometimes it can even draw both of them back together.Even though Television personality, Sheree Whitfield divorced her husband back in 2007 but still they remain close.Maybe their children were the reason or perhaps it was something else?

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