Tony romo dating britney spears

It’s like that episode of Sex & the City – Miranda rediscovers her skinny jeans. Jessica Simpson, since that amazing performance at the country chilli cookoff a few months ago, has been keeping a relatively low profile, especially the last few weeks. And last night Porny and Tony showed up at the Laker game. A great example for her “find the beauty within” reality show. Most women are familiar: we have fat jeans and we have skinny jeans. She’ll be dressed in much less, weighing less, getting papped at Katsuya or something. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, notable here for being Jessica Simpson's one-time beau, is engaged.According to Us, Romo is engaged to Candice Crawford -- a one-time Miss Missouri and graduate of the University of Missouri who is currently a sports reporter for Dallas TV station KDAF-TV.She's also the sister of "Gossip Girl" star Chace Crawford. Next: Celebritology Giftology Day 7: Give a piece of John Lennon a chance He is TOTALLY trying to steal Jessica's thunder too!

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The Romo/Crawford marriage probably has a fair chance, since you don't hear of many football marriages breaking up. Is Jessica Simpson delusional enough to think that she’s more talented than American Idol alum and current country chart-topper Carrie Underwood?Carrie is the top selling ‘Idol’ winner of all time, with both of her CDs going multi-platinum and earning three Grammy wins in the last two years.Meanwhile, Jessica’s “A Public Affair” album flopped, her movie career tanked, and she made a country album as a last resort.She’s even dating Carrie’s leftovers in the form of Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo.So when Jessica was photographed wearing a T-shirt that read “Real Girls Eat Meat”– it was perceived as an obvious dig at Underwood, who was just voted Go’s “Sexiest Vegetarian.” As you can see, Jessica Simpson was recently caught wearing a “Real Girls Eat Meat” T-shirt. For a gal who’s best known for her less-than-stellar brains (Chicken of the Sea, anyone?

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