Ryan kwanten dating anyone


In the sweet Australian dramedy "Griff the Invisible," now available on Blu-ray and DVD, Kwanten portrays a mild-mannered worker bee named Griff, who by day is bullied at the office, but by night transforms into a vigilante superhero -- or at least that's what Griff imagines happens to him. 'Griff the Invisible' was a challenge for me but also it was nice to experience something new." He particularly loved the themes in the film.

Ryan Kwanten, who plays hot-headed yet lovable Jason Stackhouse on “True Blood,” dished about his TV family and Aussie workouts with The Wrap’s guest correspondent Jake Whetter.The actor described how tight knit he’s become with the “True Blood” cast and crew over the course of the last 7 years filming the HBO series.Also read: ‘True Blood’ Final Season Trailer: Sex, Gore and a Lot of Sexy Gore (Video) “It’s an old cliche, but we’re definitely a family now,” Kwanten told The Wrap.Kwanten credited that “family” as being a major part of the “recipe” for the show’s success, which he is “grateful” for, but could never have predicted.“You can never quite know how an audience is going to react, and I think it was perhaps the right place at the right time, kind of thing,” Kwanten said.“But then they’ve also managed to evolve with the times.

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