Redneck dating rules


Actually, before you answer that you need to read over my ten simple rules to date her, sign your life away (just technicalities), as well as give some samples of your DNA for future use, if necessary.

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Just because this is a commonality does not mean that it will be happening with my daughter.If you think that you will have opportunities to explore your sexual activity with my daughter you will find out that I will be the only type of birth control that you will need.There will be no text messaging, video chatting; late night cell phone calls either because I will be watching…everything.Rule #5 When you come to my house to pick up my daughter (at the door) I do not wish to discuss any other information such as sports or politics for which, you have no intelligible knowledge of these subjects, other than what time you will be bringing my daughter home.That means, all I want to hear coming out of your mouth as you pick her up is the word “early”.Rule #6 If you plan on dating other girls besides my daughter make sure that you have told her and that she is okay with this.

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