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The visual aids: Workbook, slide show, pictures, Presentation Active Studio, cards. - To enrich the pupil’s vocabulary and speaking habits on theme - To activate their background knowledge in order to help them predict likely vocabulary in a given text: 2) Development aim: - To develop pupils’ critical thinking skills: - To develop perception, logic, imagination and creativeness: - understanding cause and effect: 3) Upbringing aim: – To bring up the pupils’ attitudes to getting knowledge: - To bring up the pupils’ attitudes to getting knowledge: - To explain the importance of getting knowledge: The form of the lesson: Assimilation of a new material The methods of teaching: individually work, group work, guessing the meanings of the new words, understanding information. Northern Ireland The aims 1) Educational aim: - To give information about the countries Wales and Northern Ireland.Blas hits the road again as Lynette Fay presents a special hour long live programme from Savages, Castlewellan with music from Tommy and Colum Sands, Marian Bradfield, The Hothouse Flowers and more! History The last native speaker of Antrim Irish died in 1983.

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Most Irish speakers in Northern Ireland today speak the Donegal dialect of Ulster Irish.Since 1921, the Irish language has been regarded with suspicion by Unionists in Northern Ireland, who have associated it with the , which stated that only English could be used.These were not formally lifted by the British government until the early 1990s.The "Education (Northern Ireland) Order 1998" states: "It shall be the duty of the Department (of Education) to encourage and facilitate the development of Irish-medium education."It has been claimed that s and to counter the growing support for Sinn Féin which was popularising the Irish language, or according to others hyjacking the language movement.According to the 2001 Census, 167,487 people (10.4% of the population) had "some knowledge of Irish" - of whom 154,622 were s".Knowledge of Irish by persons over the age of 3 (2001 Census):*Understands spoken Irish but cannot read write or speak Irish: 36,479*Speaks but does not read or write Irish: 24,536*Speaks and reads but does not write Irish: 7,183*Speaks, reads, writes and understands Irish: 75,125*Has other combination of skills: 24,167*No knowledge of Irish: 1,450,467Education Six families in Belfast established a in the late 1960s and opened "Bunscoil Phobal Feirste" in 1970 as the first Irish-medium school in Northern Ireland, and in 1984 was granted the status of a voluntary maintained primary school.

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