Is interracial dating against the bible


In this essay on interracial marriage, we need to differentiate between man`s law and God`s Law.As the reader analyzes the subject, it will probably become evident that man`s law changes, depending on the individuals who currently rule and make the laws. It is the proven standard, the rulebook by which nations, a people, withstand the elements of time.

In public school, I do not remember any of these four involved in interracial dating. But as we have entered into the 21 century, in aggregate, man`s views have changed.The god of political correctness prevails in the minds of every man, woman, and child in America.This has been accomplished by the never-ending propaganda/programming of the media, governmental institution laws, public education, mega-corporations policy, and Christian churches desiring to maintain their tax deductibility status. In the 21 century, almost every Texan one speaks to has a grandmother that is "part-Indian".Almost every genealogist is searching tirelessly for that prized American Indian link.It now appears to be a genetic defect to be "only" all white.As we walk and drive the streets of America, we see every possible racial combination - in reality and those in-the-making.

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