Is hamish blake dating megan gale

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee earn big money, date beautiful women, make the A-list social set and guest-star on top-rating television shows.Yet tune into 2Day FM on any afternoon during the week and you would swear you were listening to two knockabout university mates goofing off between classes.

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There are things I know Hamish will find funny and thankfully people listening in find it funny too." Blake says he feels guilty sometimes.

"You might catch yourself feeling a bit tired and a voice in your head goes, 'Hang on a sec, are you actually complaining about your job?

' The only reason we care about ratings is so we can keep the show on air." When Lee began dating international model Megan Gale, 2Day executives were privately concerned that it might tarnish the comedy duo's image.

After all, the funny, hapless bloke you'd like to have a drink with doesn't usually end up with the supermodel.

"I can understand why that was a concern but it hasn't happened," Lee says.

"It comes down to the person Megan is far more than the person I am.

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