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By Joanna Mazewski, Taking the Kids Correspondent Santa Fe, New Mexico has recently been baptized as the premiere tourist destination for 2018.And in all honesty, it’s a title that the city rightfully deserves.A one-hour drive north of Albuquerque, Santa Fe is the city different with a bustling art scene, a cultural hub and a restaurant scene that will have foodies from both sides of the coast drooling with jealousy.Plus, it’s also a perfect city for families to visit, regardless of the season or the weather for that matter.Here are the top 5 places you need to see (and eat) in Santa Fe in 2018.Meow Wolf Have you ever picked names out of a hat before deciding on a winner? Meow Wolf might seem confusing at fist, but it’s a psychedelic mind-trip for adults that is really not easy to describe.It’s half children’s museum and half adventure storybook.

It’s also been called one of the coolest interactive art pieces in existence.

Santa Fe Farmer’s Market No trip to Santa Fe is complete without a morning stop to the city’s Farmer’s Market.

It’s located near the new Railyard location and is bustling with activity every morning as both locals and tourists shop the artisans and craft merchants.

It’s also a fun place to people watch and an experience for the senses.

The aroma of fresh spices and chilies roasting is nothing less than enticing.

Ten Thousand Waves Sorry kids, but you are going to have to sit this one out.

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