Dating bach trumpet mouthpieces


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Hi I am in the market for s Bach 37 from the early Elkhart stage.I used to know the serial number cutoff a and such but I have forgotten. Embraer 170/175/190The earliest ones are in the 30K range. Also, the early elkharts tend to go for more than most used horns. Good luck on finding a horn, Danny_________________Bach 37/25, Bach 72*/43, Bach D, Bach/Larson C, Schilke P5-4I don't think there is an actual "cut off" date, because "early Elkhart" isn't defined.Can anyone tell me what is the cut off number for being considered "early Elkhart" (pre strike). I'll have to look around to see if we have that number somewhere. Over the years it's been used to describe instruments prior to 50k when the serial numbers were dropped from the internal valve stems or prior to 100k just because it's 5 digit number. Bach Artisan C, Bach C cornet, Schilke G, Yamaha Eb and piccolo A/Bb, flugelhorn, Monette and Hammond mouthpieces. Though I'm not sure what "early elkhart" serial numbers go up to, but anything in the 30K range definitely is. I literally played one note, and the way it sounded it me was phenomenal, so I sold my old Bach 37 and my old student horn, and got it. Mine went for 00 despite its terrible cosmetic condition. Ask ten people, and you'll probably get ten different answers.Also please contact me if you have one for sale in good condition! The person who coined the phrase "Early Elkhart" originally meant it to refer to the time before Selmer increased the thickness of the bell to what is now standard today. No firm definition though._________________Bill Siegfried NY/Mt. I would recommend going to a store like Dillon's music (if you are in a reasonable distance), and try out some horns there. Purists will probably say 30,000-50,000 (1965-1969), but others say up to 174,999 (1979).If you believe eager sellers, it could mean anything that they're trying to sell you.(In fact, somebody recently called their 1978 horn "practically Mount Vernon.")One of the best indicators is whether or not the bell has Corporation stamped on it.

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