Cacti graphs not updating after upgrade


It turns out the latest update to Cacti, the popular SNMP and RRDTool graphing program, has a bug that makes it so graphs based on SNMP Data aren’t updated after upgrading.Cacti is a popular network graphing tool widely used by many service providers.For those of you who have been using Cacti to visualize the performance of various elements of your network, it is sometimes necessary to migrate Cacti and all its graph datasets from one server to another. The current server may be old, or is running out of space and CPU, or you may simply want to move to new hardware platform.Whichever the case, it is possible to move Cacti data sets from one server to another, while minimizing disruptions in graph plotting.In this tutorial we will see just how easily we can do that.We will need to stop Cacti at the old server during the migration process.To minimize any gaps in graphs, we will prepare the newer server first (while Cacti at the old server is still running).We will start the process by installing Cacti in the new server.

To recap, we can use (RHEL/Cent OS) to install Cacti and set up necessary My SQL databases.

After the installation is finished, we will disable the cron job for Cacti poller in both servers.

This will ensure that neither of the servers will poll or populate any more graphs.

That is, the graphs will remain unchanged during the migration window.

We will enable the cron job once the graphs have been migrated.

In the next step, we will create a database dump from the My SQL server running on the old Cacti server.

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