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After 16 books and 25 years in basic research I thought I'd heard it all ...

the world was a confused mess, probably beyond understanding and certainly beyond salvation - and there was little 'l could do about it.

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The book began with an anonymous donation to the author of an 8-inch package of documents in the early 1980s.

Nothing less than the membership list and supporting documents for a truly secret society the Yale Skull and Bones.

The late , of Phoenix Arizona was the spark that moved me to write first a four-part series and later, a jumbo volume based on this material.

This volume went to several editions with several publishers, even a Russian edition of 12,000 copies.

Probably in the past few years, as many copies have been sold in Russia as in the United States.

America's Secret Establishment has had little publicity, few reviews ignored by mainline distributors yet, has sold steadily for the past 16 years at a rate of several hundred copies a month.

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