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Question: I need to design a security best practices document for secure access to my production database.

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All e-mails relating to production access protocols will be avoided, but when necessary, they will be destroyed immediately upon receipt.All passwords will be communicated via telephone, and never electronically.My very first course has been published on Pluralsight – SQL Server: Consolidation Tactics and Best Practices.In this course I spend just over two hours sharing my experiences and knowledge of consolidating numerous clients over the years.I had a lot of fun working on this course and owe so much to Paul Randal and my team for their help and guidance as I learned the process of recording for Pluralsight. The course modules are: Tim Radney - Database Professional by Tim Radney I am a Sr DBA for a top 40 US bank. I have been working with database since 1999 but only full time for the past three years.Written by Shawn Mills on Wednesday, June 4th 2014 — Categories: Cloud Hosting, Colocation , Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Hosting, Colocation, Data Center Design Whether you’ve been handed a mandate to consolidate your data centers, like many federal government data center managers, or you’re evaluating consolidation as an option for aging or expensive in-house data centers, the process can deliver cost savings and higher efficiency without losing the uptime and power provided by your existing infrastructure.

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